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The Black Dog Music Project 

Building confidence through achievement in music

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The Black Dog Music Project is a user led and run charity which enables people in and around Norwich who experience mental health challenges to discover a passion for music. We are funded entirely by donations and charity grants.  Members are supported in attending sessions, workshops and in one to one lessons. They can join a band - if they wish - and perform at regular gigs and events. Navigate to our menu at the top of the page to find out about our sessions, find out about events, and more.

We believe that playing music helps us to develop confidence, social skills and the ability to face new challenges, which can transfer through to our every day lives. The bands and artists can perform gigs at The Brickmakers in Norwich (along with other events and venues), building resilience and stage craft as well as having a fantastic time in a supportive setting. 

Take a look around our site for more details.

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A collage of images of our members

Image above shows some of our members - singing solo on stage, playing guitar in rehearsal, in a stage spotlight singing, and a band playing on a green lit live stage.

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